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Castiel-centric Fic/Art Exchange

a . c a s t i e l - c e n t r i c . f a n f i c / f a n a r t . e x c h a n g e

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assbutts, banging a few gongs, banishing your ass, being comatose, being friends with sam, bemused headtilts, benders, boxcutters, breeding with goat mouths, burning people's eyes out, cas vs. cass, castiel, cellphones reluctantly, chunky soup, cosplaying john constantine, daddy issues, defecting, destroying the novaks' lives, divinely mandated social awkwardness, doing it for dean, doing it with dean, doing it with everyone, doing it with no-one, drinking liquor stores, entitlement, exile, exploding, fanart, fanfic, fanwork exchanges, fighting crime with uriel, fratricide, gen, getting resurrected, gripping you tight, hair gel apparently, having history with anna, het, holy oil, holy tax accountants, improperly tied ties, insouciance, invading people's personal space, it's funnier in enochian, killing the devil, knocking you out, letting sam start armageddon, looking for god, losing faith in god, not understanding your references, oversized trenchcoats, past!dean, pissing off archangels, raising you from perdition, sacrificing myself, saying no, saying yes selectively, sidestepping prophecy, slash, smiting shit, staring contests, stop! not!hammer-time, strategy not theology, swearing awkwardly, taking the bus, team free will, telekinesis, teleportation, time travel (sometimes), unlimited cellphone plans, using pronouns correctly, washing up for orgies, white castle burgers